Tawa Toastmasters

Tawa Toastmasters

Roll of Honour

Alan has been granted lifetime membership in Tawa Toastmasters, earning high praise and acclaim for his dedicated service as an officer for over 30 years. It’s largely thanks to Alan’s contributions that Tawa Toastmasters has become such a successful and thriving club.

Tony has earned the prestigious Distinguished Toastmasters award (DTM) and played a key role in founding the Capital Chatters and Spinnaker clubs. Known for his exceptional speaking skills, Tony consistently excels in speech contests. His passion for fishing and hunting has been a recurring theme in the many speeches we’ve heard him deliver.

Maya has earned the prestigious Distinguished Toastmasters award (DTM) and was instrumental in establishing the Churton Park club. Known for her boundless energy and ability to accomplish tasks, Maya has mentored numerous new members during her time with Tawa Toastmasters.

Now retired from Tawa Toastmasters, Maya leaves behind a legacy of significant achievements for the club. She has been a dedicated and faithful member of Tawa Toastmasters, and her contributions are commendable. Well done, Maya!

Mercy has earned the esteemed Distinguished Toastmasters award (DTM) and played a pivotal role in establishing the Agile club. Working in mental health, Mercy utilizes her Toastmasters skills to deliver words of comfort and wisdom to the public, showcasing her excellence as a speaker.

Chalaka earned the prestigious Distinguished Toastmasters award (DTM) and was instrumental in founding the Agile club. He made significant contributions to Toastmasters, serving as our club president and excelling in public relations, which led to many new members joining our club due to his efforts. Chalaka was deeply respected and admired, so his passing came as a great shock to us all.

To honor his memory, we established the Chalaka Salpadouru Trophy, awarded to the Outstanding Toastmaster of the Year. Rest in peace, dear friend; your legacy lives on.

The club in action

We adapted to the coronavirus pandemic with masks, zoom meetings and social distancing. We never closed.

Andrew did a memorable speech on songs

Club Members

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