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Tawa Toastmasters

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Roll of Honour

Alan was made a life time member of Tawa Toastmasters. Alan is highly acclaimed and praised for being an officer of the club for over 30 years. Tawa Toastmasters is a successful club due to Alan.

Tony achieved the Distinguished Toastmasters award (DTM). Tony help found the Capital Chatters and Spinnakers clubs. Tony is a brilliant speaker always doing well in speech contests. We have heard many speeches on Tony’s love of fishing and hunting.

Maya achieved the Distinguished Toastmasters award (DTM). Maya help found the Churton Park club. Maya has so much energy and gets things done. Maya has mentored numerous new members.

Maya has now retired from Tawa Toastmasters. Maya achieved a lot for Tawa Toastmasters. Well done good and faithful member of Tawa Toastmasters.

Mercy achieved the Distinguished Toastmasters award (DTM). Mercy help found the Agile club. Mercy works in mental health and uses her Toastmasters skills to speak to the public with words of comfort and wisdom. Mercy is an excellent speaker.

Mercy has taken leave from our club and moved to Samoa to introduce her New Zealand raised family to Samoan culture. She will be back  

Chalaka achieved the Distinguished Toastmasters award (DTM). Chalaka help found the Agile club. Chalaka achieved a lot in Toastmasters. He was our club president. A genius in public relations; so many people joined our club because of his efforts. Respected and admired it was a great shock when he passed away. Chalaka is remembered by the Chalaka Salpadouru Trophy given to the Outstanding Toastmaster of the Year. Rest in peace friend.